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In 1995, two veterans  (Andy Kavalecs and Dalton Harper) who served in Korea with the 501st CRG in the early 1950s decided to try to organize
a reunion to take place in 1996.

After a great deal of effort, several pals were located and announcements were placed in veterans magazines. Enthusiasm soon was apparent
and plans were made to gather in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1996. Attendance was not very great, with only 66 paid attendees and several
interested guests on hand; however, the first reunion produced a hard working nucleus of dedicated vets who volunteered as a governing
board to further expand the budding association. This basic board was supported by generous donations from those in attendance. That
donated money was to sponsor and operate the activities of the then named 501st ASA (Army Security Agency) Korea 1950 thru 1960.

Word of tthe 501st ASA (Army Security Agency)Korea 1950 thru 1960 association spread quickly, and interest and membership grew at a
tremendous rate. The second reunion in Carlisle, Pennsylvania attracted over 225 guests, and eighteen subsequent reunions in Madison,
Wisconsin (1998), Pensacola, Florida (1999), Sturbridge, Massachusetts (2000), and Camp Hill, Pennsylvania (2001), Frankenmuth, Michigan
(2002) and Buffalo, New York (2003), Hunt Valley, Maryland (2004), Williamsburg, Virginia (2005) King of  Prussia, Pennsylvania (2006)  
Lincolnshire, Illinois (2007)and Charlotte, North Carolina (2008) Buffalo, New York (2009) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (2010) Columbus, Georgia
(2011) Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, (2012 Nashville, Tennessee (2013) and Frankenmuth, MI (2014)were well attended and enjoyable.


In 1997 the organization filed for and received tax free status from the IRS, and was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a
tax-free, non-profit veterans association.

As publicity of the association and its membership expanded, numerous requests for membership were received from those who served in
the ASA (Army Security Agency) in Korea after 1960. It was decided and voted on by the membership in 2000 to change the name to ASA Korea.
This allowed everyone who served in the ASA in Korea to qualify for membership. This move was deemed necessary to pave the way for
continuation of the group for the future.  According to its Constitution, the purpose of ASA Korea is: to promote unity and friendship among its
members; to foster and sustain loyalty to God, Country, and Community; to aid and advance the health and welfare of our members as
described in our Bylaws; to assist in locating comrades and renewing old friendships; and to hold an annual reunion in a locality as chosen by
the members and Board of Directors.

Dues for membership is $10/year, November 1 to October 31 annually. Life membership is available at $50.  (Five years paid annual
membership qualifies for free lifetime membership. Click here to join today. Members receive the COMMUNICATOR (our newsletter)  and will
have access to our information locator files of approximately 3,000 ASA Korea veterans.
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How did that song go: "WHAT IS AMERICA TO ME?"  As memory fades, I can't recall the words Frank Sinatra said so many years ago. But I can
tell you my answer to that question, WHAT IS AMERICA TO ME?
It is a place my forefathers first came to in the 1740's, before this land became America. It is a place well seeded with the blood and sweat of peoples
from many foreign lands, all working to form a new nation - ONE NATION UNDER GOD; a land that generations later we can call 'our native land',
because we were fortunate to be born here, here in this AMERICA; here where we can lift our voices high and declare, I AM AN AMERICAN!
America is a place where one can travel and find deep blue lakes and sandy beaches; high mountain ranges and deep canyons with ancient stone
fossils; two grand oceans that border an expanse of three thousand miles or more; and a Statue of Liberty with a burning torch that proclaims "Follow
me into this blessed land".
America to me is my home where Mary and I have raised our sons, and where we now wallow in the joy of our grandchildren and good friends and
buddies from past military duties. America is the place I can worship God and voice my opposition to laws and tenets with which my faith does not
agree. Thank you America, for allowing me and my family the privilege to belong.
"What is America to me?" Whatever words are sung in America's praise, I still rejoice in ones published by Samuel Francis Smith in 1832, "Our
fathers' God to Thee, Author of liberty, To thee we sing: Long may our land be bright with freedom's holy light; Protect us by Thy might, Great God
our King."....
                                                                                                               Rev. Charles Knappenberger, Chaplain, ASA Korea Organization
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This float, Freedom Is Not Free, was sponsored by the Korean War
Commemoration Committee(Dept. of Defense) and appeared in
the 124th Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena, California on Tuesday,
January 1, 2013 to honor the 60th Anniversary.  Six veterans rode
on the float including author and actor, James McEachin.
For those who served in the Army Security Agency in Korea (all years)
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20th Annual ASA Korea Reunion to be held
in Pennsylvania in October 2015