Submitted by:  Bob Rudolph
SEOUL, KOREA (today) ...from the files of member Jim Ludwig...
A picture of a patch that I wore on the back of a civilian jacket
in 1952. The original patch is now in the Duplin County  
military museum in Kenansville NC submitted by:  Joshua
Brehm-ASA Korea 329th
THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE  - from Bill Pridham   
Due to the fact that the incident that I am writing about took place almost fifty years ago and the fact
also that my memory is not quite as sharp as it was in my youth, some of the dates and circumstances
might be a bit sketchy, but as it were, here we go.

My tour of duty in Korea was from November of 1951 to July of 1953.  During the last eight months of
my tour, I was N.C.O.I.C. of D/F Control.  One day we were visited by some people from the Air
Force who informed us that there was a downed pilot somewhere in North Korea and they needed our
help in finding him....

It seems that in most cases pilots were given a small battery operated transmitter that they were to use
in case of emergency.  They were also given a set schedule as to when they should transmit, and due to
the fact that the transmitter was battery operated it was quite limited.

D/F Control was supplied with the frequency, the schedule, and the signal that was to be sent...(I think,
but am not positive that the signal was a series of Ws.

On the first scheduled time, D/F Control searched for him but he was not heard.  The second day of the
schedule brought the same results.  He was not heard....On the third day, we heard a very weak signal at
the scheduled time and immediately sent out a mission on him.  They we sat back and waited for the
bearing reports....

At that time, we had eight D/F sites across Korea.  The signal was heard by four of them.
Unfortunately, one of the bearings was way off.  But the other three formed a triangle in an area of
Eastern North Korea.  The information was passed on, and we all went about out regular duties.  Back
in those days I was not much of a praying person, but I said a few anyway.

Days or weeks later, we were told by the Air Force that due to our information, the pilot had been
found and brought out safely.  For this I believe the 326th was given a Meritorius Unit Citation.

I don't know about the rest of you, but if you felt like I felt, we had a duty to perform. We did it to the
best of our ability, and did not often see any results.  I feel particularly blessed to be able to see the
results of one incident, and I and a few dedicated and skilled men were able to be a part of forming a life
saving a Golden Triangle.

submitted by, Bill Pridham,  ASA Korea Member 326th

Along with cheerful memories of the 501st "Santa Claus" treating our very special
Korean War orphans, I shall NEVER forget CHRISTMAS EVE in Seoul, 1953!!  It
was truly a time to be thankful, for at long last, the guns had fallen silent in the Land of
the Morning Calm!

I had the privilege of attending Christmas Eve Midnight Mass at the Catholic
Archdiocesan Cathedral in Seoul.  Although I did not know it at the time, ASA Korea
President, Andy Kavalecs, a new arrival at the 501st, was among those GI's who
joined in worship with a multitude of Koreans at the Cathedral at Seoul!  (See Autumn
2002 ASA COMMUNICATOR (mailed version).

There was no electricity to illuminate the vaulted interior of the Cathedral - only 1500
candles!  A Korean tenor sang Bach-Gounod's "Ave Maria," along with the
ever-inspiring "Panus Angelicus," which echoed from the balcony in the rear of the
sanctuary.  Holy Communion was administered to an estimated 1300 Koreans and
Americans who knelt in prayer, thanking the Almighty for the blessings of peace and
ASA KOREA MEMBER,   Cliff Borden, 501st, 1953-1954
Pics made with an Argus C-3 while in Korea late 1956-early 1958.  Note
photo showing relationship of Necessary, Red Cloud and the MASH hospital.
He served 1951-52 with 329th at a forward low level Chinese Voice
intercept bunker near Punch Bowl Central.  His groups (5ASA, 2DAC
and 3 Chinese Nat'l)
I was with the 326th CRC as a CPL from Aug 52 to Dec 53 and I was in the Comm Ctr and I showed
movies to the troops.  I later went to work for NSA and retired Dec 89.  Since 1990s was working the
Girl Scouts as a range for one of their camps.Hopefully, I will try get to some of the ASA events now
that I am fully retired. The application to join is in the mail.
P.S. I still have several promotion orders for the Group/Companies personnel, which might begin back
some rememberies. Also, I took note of the 1953, 501st Christmas article  on this web site, at least some
enjoyed Christmas that year. I boarded a troop ship at Inchon on Christmas eve - not much of a fan ware
on that occasion.  My folks in Minnesota held Christmas until Mid-January until I got home.  
Member Dennis Thornton
Korean Children,
Seoul 1953
Photo recently
published in the
KWVA magazine
submitted by Cliff
Borden, ASAK
I arrived in Seoul in April of 1953, when somebody in
personnel found out that I could type, they asked me if I
would like to stay at the 501st and work in the personnel
office.  Believe it or not, I pondered the question because
everything was new and my Mother always told me not
to volunteer for anything.  The good Lord was looking out
for me because that decision was a blessing.  Don't know if
any of you remember, but I ran the bingo games at the
NCO club.  Too bad I was and am honest, I made so much
money that I had to quit having bingo, I couldn't give away
as fast as it came in.  One of my other memories is of that
1953 Christmas Eve.  I went into the Colonel and
suggested that the NCO club should be closed on
Christmas Eve, he agreed, and I'm not sure, but I think
there was a bounty out on me for quite a while.  My best
bud while there was Harry Taylor, but some of the other
great guys were,  John Ahnemiller, Louie Bednark,Ray
Lammers, Mike Colombo, Ralph Crowley, Maj. Don
Steinwachs, Ed Thompson, Chuck Luna, Doyle Baer, and
Bill Collins.  I have been very lucky, I still live in the city I
was born in 75 years ago.  So if any of you "old" duffers
remember me, please let me hear from you.  My best
wishes to all for the Holidays,
PVT George Frommel, 1637 No 4th St., Montevideo,
MN. 56265, 320 269 9883,
    301ST ASA Bn. with 1st Plt. Co.  Korea 1956-1957
FRONT: John Erickson, Frank Fogl, James Bullard, Tony Torres, Jr.
BACK: Gerry Beckley, Edward Rankin, Al Shanefelter, Wm. Callaghan, John Bligh
I was in Korea 1956 to 1957 and I remember
battalion was at Camp Red Cloud and Group
was at Yon Dung Po.  If anyone remember the
name of the village across the creek from
Necessary Compound that house Co, A and Co.
B of the 301st Bn. also confirm the name of the
Mash unit that was a short distance from
Necessary Compound.
      Tony Torres, Jr.
       ASA Korea Life Member
      Glenn Van Winkle