These words are dedicated by the author to the scenes at
the National Korean War Memorial in Washington, DC
"There on the wall are the faces of soldiers, men and
women who fought in Korea, faces of soldiers stare into
your eyes, so much to learn from these faces on a wall, for
these are the soldiers of the forgotten war, their heroic
efforts stopped a communist threat, and even though
these soldiers you haven't met, cannot spring to life,full
fields on their back a BAR in their hand, another soldier
carries the field glasses in his hand, they were the ones
sent so long back in 1950, by our Uncle Sam to a strange
foreign land, faces of soldiers stare at me, freedom isn't
free, unless you've fought for the cause of liberty, these
men  gave their all, these faces of soldiers on a gray stone
wall."  --Celine Rose Mariotti- (Daughter of a Korea War
Veteran and member of the KWVA)
Please advise our Chaplain of new
information and errors or omissions.
Preacher Knappenberger

George Kinsley, 301st, 55-56, December 8, 2012, Cortland Manor, NY
Eugene Walinsky, 326th 51-52, December 2012, Chatsworth, CA
Harold Eakin, 329th, 501st, 52-53, February 10, 2012, Harrisville, PA
Anthony Sheehan, 501st,  August 14, 2012, St. Joseph, IL
Clarence Young, 501st, 1950-51, May 25, 2012, Natches, MS
Wm. G. Volenick, 501st, 301st, 1954-55, May 16, 2012, Ellicott City, Md.
Albert Mrozek, 330th CRC, 1952-53, January 12, 2012, in Baltimore, Md.
Holten King, 351st, 1953-55, March 28, 2012, in Clarksville, Ga.
Harry Lloyd McIntyre, 326th, March 7, 2012, Ralston, Pa.
Harold Giroux, 303 CRBN, Dec 51-52, died in Florida, March 2012

Charles Tucker, 351st, 1953-54, June 2014,
Calvin Leeds, 508th, 1965, April 30, 2014
James Goodloe, 351st, 1952-53, April 7, 2014,
James M. Williams, 329th, 195-54, April 28, 2014.
Richard Bjorgo, 330th, August 2013, Dunedin, FL
Robert Neal Gault, 329th, September 8, 2012, Gainesville, FL
Laymen Cundiff, 326th CRC, December 2010, Fairdale, KY
Paul F. Bellet, Jr., 326th CRC 1953-1954  March 24, 2014, Buffalo, NY
Peter Gritis, 219/351st, January 2014, Springfield, VA
Lee F. Krankkremer, 501st, died October 7, 2012


Charles Hvidsten,  352nd CRC, September 2013, Hubbart, OR
Robert Kuder, 330th CRC, October 10, 2013, Nefs, PA
Edward Plant, 352nd CRC, November 2013, Freeding Hills, MA
Charles Phelps, December 2013
Alex Mahalko, 330th CRC, October 2009 (late notice)
   **Deaths are listed according to year we were advised.

Robert Astrup "Bob" Jensen, 501st-303rd, 1953-54, February 3, 2014, LaSalle, Il
Roland Maynard Neifeld, 501st-303rd, 54-55, March 21, 2015, Parkville, Md
Robert J. Levy, 329th CRC, 1951-54, April 10, 2015, Cupertino. CA
John E. Foard, 326th, 1952-54, May 24, 2015, Baltimore, Md.
Samuel E. Kemp, 177-277, 1958-59, June 24, 2015, Frisco, TX
Lester Leroy Titus, 330th CRC, 1955-57,  July 25, 2015, Mattoon, Il.
Marvin W Gatz, 330th CRC, 1953-54, August 12, 2015, Glen Burnie, Md.
Donald H. Fey, 501st, 1953-55,  October 18, 2015, Drexel Hill, Pa.
Allan Starr, 177th 1958-59, November 12, 2015, Buffalo, NY (Hosted two reunions)
Floyd H. Storsved  501st 1953-54, December 28, 2015, Fargo, ND.
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Darwin L. Haines, 501st, 1954,January 19, 2016, Conway, SC

Robert C. Weymouth, 329th 1954-55, March 9, 2016 Titusville, PA.

Harvey M. Gordon,  501st 1956-57, April 18, 2016, Milford, CT

Daniel Vallenta. 501st 330th 1952-1953  May 5, 2016, Waterbury, CT

Robert D.. Rutter, 351st 1952-53, May 22, 2016, South Hadley, MA

Leonard Gaynor, 330th,  1952-54, November 18, 2016, Cheboygan, MI

Salvatore Corrado  330th  1952-1953  April 6, 2009** Warrenton, VA

Leon (Lee) Kirby  508th, 1961-62, June 30, 2017,  Endwell, NY