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DDOG Memories from livetime
member.....Preacher Knappenberger

I  address this to all of you who served with pride in Detachment Dog, "The EastCoast
Homesteaders", sometimes known as "THE BUG-OUT BOYS ."

To the best of my knowledge , there are thirteen of us who are members of ASAKOREA;
our last C.O., Lt. Daniel P. Self, Jr., Bill Fetts, Rich Ramsay, Bill Jackson, Danny
"Hoot-Owl" Valletta, W.W. "Moose" Miller, Bob Cavanaugh, Sal Corrado, Jim Ray, Jim
Ludwig, Jim Strait, Bill Nickel, and myself. (If I forgot someone, please advise.) Ray
Hennighausen was a member until 1999, and I am encouraging to re-up.

For several years I have kept in touch with all of the above either by e-mail, snail mail,
telephone, cards, etc. For over 50 years I have valued your friendship and personal
experiences. Because of the close relations we shared, I ask each of you to seriously consider
attending our REUNION. Let's face it, this may well be the "last hurrah" for some of us.
Let's get together and share our time together; the bitter cold winters on the East Coast of
North Korea during the war alongside the Sea of Japan, the 'stinking' hot summers (rice
paddies, be damn), the frightful evacuation led by Lt. Self over the Inje Pass Southward to
join up with the 326th CRC, where we stayed as 'honored guests' until joining the 330th
Company when they moved to new qaurters outside Seoul in November, 1953.

Always remember, when this occured, Detachment Dog ceased to exist, and we who served in
those days, were its last complement of ASA of Signal Intelligence gatherers.

God be with you, my valued comrades and friends,

As ever, Rev. Charles "PREACHER" Knappenberger
Story from Ross Cooper
Photos from Al Bradbury
An Ode to Christmas Eve 1952 - by
Al Bradbury