I was stationed at the 330th from 8/52 to 4/53, and during that time made occasional trips to Dog Det. On
12/29/52 I was sent to Dog Det. for some repair work, I ended up having to stay over New Years Eve which
I was not over thrilled about, as I wanted to be with my regular buddies back at the main 330th plus I was
told that because I was not from Dog Det.

I could not have any alcohol as my ration was back at the 330th. Somehow I did end up with too much to
drink that night and not thinking straight decided to take my 6-by with a hut and drive back to the 330th. I
very nicely got the truck stuck between two trees at which point I went for help. Thankfully some of the
fellows that were still in there right mind saw what I was trying to do and could see that I was in no condition
to drive stole a part out of the engine while I was trying to get my buddy to help me get the truck out of the

When we got back to the truck and it would not start, I accused him of stealing the part, we went back to my
tent and argued for a while till he blew up and offered to duel me with carbines. Luckily I could not find mine
but he went to his tent and proceeded to shot up his tent.

The next morning I got up with a huge hangover and looked out of the tent to see the fellow I was going to
duel going past under armed guard and I was told the company commander wanted to see me. I was
surprised as he should have been back at the 330th. I was informed by the company commander that dueling
in the army was a court marshal offense but seeing that I never found my carbine I would get company
punishment for a month, and if he heard that I touched a drop of liquor in that time they would reconsider a
court marshal.

Later that morning they called every one out and we got a royal chewing out, he was not happy on being
called out to Dog det. on New Years Eve. We looked like a motley group, hung over, one that had been shot
and if I remember a few black eyes, but my head was not too good that morning to remember much. On
getting into my truck that day to head back to the 330th (the part had been replaced) I heard a rattle in the
glove box, there was a liquor bottle. I did not touch it then nor did I have any till that month was over, and
sure watched my drinking after that.

ASA Korea Member, Ross Cooper
Ross Cooper on his way to
Dog Detachment.
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