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This quad is the CHIP-O-RI one, from the 1950s. The grid is a thousand meter grid. I believe the 329th was in grid square
3-49, 42-18.during the time I was there (Dec 52-Apr 54).

To be more specific, it's near the top of the map, on the right fork of the road Y, along Route 3. Just north of the fork, a
creek cuts across it, with a notation giving the type of the bridge on the west fork of the road. The 329th administrative
area was in the flat land just east of route 3, and in the valleys to the east and south of the creek.

The creek supplied our shower with water. The mountain to the south and east of that point was the one we called  Ol'
Skosh', but is called Kahbul-bang on the map. The twin peaks are visible.

South of there, where a road goes East and south away from Route 3, at Unch-on-ni, was about where the MASH was, and
there was an artillery spotter aircraft field in the large flat area on the west side of Route 3.

In square 3-50, 42-19  is a dark line slanting to the northeast, with a flat area to its east. That line is the dam for the
reservoir which was at our aid point, and where we went for dental work. The larger aircraft we used as courier for our
material back to Seoul was, I think, off the north edge of this map.

Counting grid squares, we were about 12 km north of the 38th, about 10 miles by road from the crossing, which is on the
map west of this one.  I'm placing the company area based on the approximate road distance, the topography, and a
couple of photos I took from the top of Old Skosh' which show the company area, the road fork, and the small reservoir.

Bob Levy   ASA KOREA (329th 52-54)
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Here are a couple of pictures in Korea, taken by
Charles B.(Jack) London. In the group picture, I
am in the left foreground

John Sears - ASA Korea 326TH 52-53)
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Here are two photos (slides) taken in 1953/54 time period. Both were from on "Ol' Skosh'". First one shows the road "Y" I
mentioned in my note with the map. The road going across the bottom of the picture was route 3. A short distance to the right of the
road Y, there's a "white" road coming "down" towards the camera, and curving beyond a small hill. I think that was the entry to the
company area. The large white area on the other side of route three was a level area where the company was set up when they first
moved to the area, and which became a softball field after the cease-fire. the left fork of the Y is where the steel bridge was. You
can also see the parallel crossing via a ford, to the right (Northeast) of the steel bridge.

   The second one shows the company area in the lower left, and the reservoir where our aid point was on the right. It also shows a
larger reservoir in the upper center/left which can also be found on that quad.

   The company area really just shows the roads/paths, as white areas through all of the spring greenery. The most distinctive
portion is the loop going past the officers tent and club, to the tents in the southeastern valley. The administrative area is almost
solid white.

   The dark topped range of hills across the top left to center were ours. The dark hills beyond them were Chinese/North Korean.

                                                                                                                                               Bob Levy
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