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Donald (Don) Adair looking for Bill James, originally from
Wilkes-Barre, PA.  Served at 501st from 1952 to 1953.  Was
in Ohio and working for the Hoover Company in about 1959.  
I am now living in Huntersville, NC.

Don Adair is also searching for James E. Bickley.  He was at
501st in '52 and '53 and then in Arlington Hall.  After discharge
he remained with ASA or NSA as a civilian and lived in the
D.C. area.  His home state was Minnesota .
Looking for:
Gerald Cashman, 304th CRB 1954
Dewey Haggard, 501st CRG  1954
Robert Bernero,(CM
Andrew Campbell, (CM 12-31A)
ALS 1953-54

William G. Volenick
            ALS CM 12-31A
            2525 Jonathan Rd.,
Ellicott                      City, MD
Wesley (Hoppy) Wood-looking for fellow softball players who
played with the 501st in 1952/1953 and went on to Tokyo to
win Championship. Please get in touch.

(Nutley NJ,  now Atlanta, GA.) Regards to Warren Officer Flynt.
Don Nelson looking for Art Farone who was a cook with the
326th in Korea 1952.  He was from the Rhinebeck, NY area.
I was with the326th in late 1951 to  late 1952
My email address is
August Longo is looking for:
Jim Ditty and Dink Sorenson, served in Korea
1951-1953 with the 329th CRC
Bob Birch is looking for anyone who
served at Det. 4, 301st/321st ASA
Bn, between 1956 and 1959. (I was
there 1957 - 1958.) My email address