Reunion Guests

Tom Adams
Willard and Jane Andres
Richard Baum
Paul and Katherine Bellet
Cliff and Sally Borden
Bob Cavanaugh
Gerri and Jerry Clemons
Hale and Paula Engel
John and Rita Garrah
Al and Ilene Garrett
Richard and Kay Goodis
Jimmy Griffin
Duane and Mary Hall
Dalton and Phyllis Harper
Andy and Dolores Kavalecs
George and Dorothy Kinsley
Charles and Mary Knappenberger
Allen Koehler
Louis and Charlene Law
Vince and Kay Lawlor
Pick Leibenguth
Donald and Patricia March
W.W. Moose Miller
Tom and Fay Molloy
Richard and Rosemary Nelson
Don Nesheim
Bill and Jackie Pridham
Bob and Nancy Rudolph
Bob and Jan Rutter
Urban and Rose Salonek
Jerry Scott
Roy and Gail Sheffield
Ron Sheridan
Allan and Gloria Starr
Bob and Nadine Tedstone
Anne and Rolle Thompson
Richard and Thelma Vance
Marge Weaver
Sam and Sylvia Wessler
Bob and Mary Weymouth
Jack and Barbara Wooldridge
Mary Yanovitch
Ron and Joanne Ziska
8th Annual ASA Korea Reunion
Buffalo, New York
September 18-21, 2003
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