September 26-29, 2002
Frankenmuth, Michigan
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Photos: ASA Korea Reunion 2001
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The 7th Annual Reunion of The ASA (Army Security Agency) Korean Veterans
held September 26 - 29, 2002 in Frankenmuth, Michigan. The Association is grateful to the
City of Frankenmuth, the Chamber of Commerce and businesses within the city who have helped
make the reunion a success.  They were also pleased to learn of Frankenmuth’s designation
as a
“Korean War 50th Anniversary Commemorative Community�.

The ASA (Army Security Agency) was an intelligence gathering unit within the United States
Army from 1945 -1976. During the Korean War (1950-53), the ASA fielded five
Communications-Reconnaissance Companies (CRC), four CRC Battalions, all attached to a
Communications-Reconnaissance Group Headquarters in Seoul, Republic of South Korea. Each
of the above mentioned units provided many outlying Detachments and Communication Sites
throughout the war in both South and North Korea, and adjacent Islands.  The various units of
ASA in Korea provided intelligence data to an assigned Corps (either the 1st, 9th or 10th) of the
8th Army Headquarters. The information gathered by individual units was also forwarded to Far
East Command in Tokyo, Japan and to National Headquarters in Washington, DC.

The ASA Korea Reunion Association has some 450 members from 37 states and meets once a
year in a different location across the country.  Reunions have been held since 1996 in various
cities across the country.  Approximately 110 members and spouses attended the reunion in
Frankenmuth.  The host for this year's reunion is Mr. Robert (Bob) Rudolph (wife, Nancy) from
Marshall, Michigan.  Bob served in the 326th CRC in Korea, and also in Japan and Indo-China.

The reunion was held at the
Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn Lodge and attendees enjoyed a special
“Taste of Frankenmuth� dinner on Friday evening at the
Bavarian Inn Restaurant and
celebrated the 7th Annual ASA Korea Banquet on Saturday at the Lodge.  The principal speaker
on Saturday evening was
Dr. David A. Hatch. Dr. Hatch is the Historian for the National
Security Agency and Director of the Center for Cryptologic History at the NSA.  Also among the
guests at Saturday’s banquet was Stan Bozich (wife, Lou) Curator of
Michigan’s Own
Military Museum and Don Morgan (wife, Pat) of Flushing, Michigan whose military experience is
depicted in the Museum.

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                                         LOOKING TO THE FUTURE

A Message From Our President.....Andy Kavalecs              

This year marks the 7th annual reunion of Army Security Agency Korea.  Before we meet
again we will observe the 50th anniversary of the signing of the armistice that was to end the
large scale, overt hostilities of the Korean War. We are all well aware of the terrible cost of this
war in relation to those Americans killed, wounded, and missing in action. Searches continue
today for those who are yet unaccounted for during June 25, 1950 to July 27, 1953. American
and United Nations forces continue to serve in Korea to this day.

Those of us who survived our experiences in Korea when we were known as “Army
Security Agency,� from 1950 until 1978, returned home carrying fond memories of many of
our comrades. Many of these memories continued over the years and became established, life-
long friendships.
Since Army Security Agency Korea was organized in 1996 and as we continue our annual
reunions and friendships, the passage of time dwindles our membership ranks through death
and/or health problems. In order for ASA Korea to survive and continue into the future, it is the
responsibility of every member to do his or her best to urge those “old� pals to become
active in our organization. Each and every one of us should take some time to find those lists of
names that we brought home with us and contact those on those lists. Unless we acquire new
and younger members, ASA Korea will face an uncertain destiny.

Our host, Bob Rudolph, with the support of members Dick Nelson, Chap Myers, Rolee
Thompson, Bill Howe, Dick Harrington and others, arranged this year’s meeting at
beautiful Frankenmuth, Michigan.  Their planning and dedication is sincerely appreciated and
let’s not forget to thank the wives for their support.  Plan now to recruit our pals of days
gone by to join us next year in Buffalo, New York for another wonderful reunion.

ASA Korea Directors and Board
                     John P. Garrah - Secretary/Historian - Honesdale, PA
                         Dalton P. Harper - Treasurer - Palmyra, PA
               Howard “Sandyâ€� R. Helfand - Vice-President - Saddle River, NJ
                       Andrew Kavalecs - President - Palmyra, PA
                     Rev. Charles Knappenberger - Warrington, PA
                               Paul Cabnet - Philadelphia, PA
                        George E. Kinsley - Cortland Manor, NY
                               William Pridman - Ridge, NY
                             Frederick E. Roth - Bethlem, PA

September 2002
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