Tony Woolwine's Photos

Created from CD provided by ASA Korea Member Tony Woolwine

Chapel, 177th, Seoul
Entrance, 177th, Seoul
16" guns at Necessary
   Initially only the ASA was on Necessary. We were under I Corp while they were assigned to 8th Army
Headquarters 177th Seoul
B Co. 321st Bn Trick 3
   Virgil Hopkins, Minn., Art Harris, Bill Confer, Wichita, Kans., Jay Schroder, Tell City, Ind.
Chapel at Necessary, Uijongbu, Korea
NCO at Necessary
Main Entrance
   Bill Confer & Walter Malone
General Phillips (?) helicopter
Tom Campbell 058.20
Necessary Compound
   View from nearby mountain
Nessary Compound in foreground
Created by Gary Clark
   Also created 177th ASA website.
   From Gary Clark webmaster 177th ASA web page
Tony Woolwine
   Guarding WW2/Korea era half track owned by Arthur Couch, Nashville Tn. This vehicle was restored and is maintained by the Korean War Veterans Association Chapter in Nashville.
1954 M37, 3/4 ton Dodge Power Wagon
Ed Herlihy and Bill Confer


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