Dear fellow spooks of ASA Korea …

I am a member of ASA Korea, having been stationed at 177th ASA OC from April
1968 to May 1969. I also have served my VVA chapter as Agent Orange chairperson,
and came across some info that I believe those who served anywhere in Korea in 1968
need to know: There is a good chance you were exposed to Agent Orange. DOD
shipped many drums of AO to Korea in that period. Most of it was sprayed from jeep
and dozer mounted sprayers, but not all. Some was put in back mounted Indian tanks
for use in our ops compounds. It appears that no records were kept of exactly where it
was used, who used it, or how much was used.

The VA is offering free exams--and it can get you into the system for health care--which
I can no longer afford otherwise. Here is where you can find the info.    Agent Orange
General Information Brochure - July 2003

"Certain Vietnam-era veterans who served in Korea also can get the Agent Orange
Registry examination. So can certain other veterans who were exposed to herbicides

In September 2000, VA recognized that Agent Orange was used in Korea in the late
1960’s and approved Agent Orange examinations for U.S. veterans who served in
Korea in 1968 or 1969.

VA took this action despite reports that Republic of Korea troops, not U.S. military
personnel, did the actual spraying.

In March 2001, Secretary Principi ordered that those examinations be made available
to all other veterans who may have been exposed to dioxin or other toxic substances in
a herbicide or defoliant during the conduct of or as the result of testing, transporting,
or spraying of herbicides for military purposes."

The following link will take you to a DOD listing which shows that A.O. was shipped to
Korea in 1968. As if Nam , Korea , and Cambodia aren’t bad enough, they sprayed
the stuff all around the USA , including places where homes and farms are today…
and A.O. is in the environment permanently.

DoD Report on Herbicides Used Outside of Vietnam

I know for a fact that I sprayed some oily weed killer from an Indian tank for weed
control at 177th ASA in the Ops area, summer of 1968. I think it was A.O. and the VA
is treating me very kindly, even though I have no “compensable� conditions.

I think you can still set up an appointment and get the exam. It's worth looking into.

Raymond Dix  ASA Korea Member
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