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John Cheek
303 CRB / 3 years
Tuesday, 27. February 2007 08:40 IP: Write a comment Send E-mail

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I hope I'm not breaking any board rules with this personal announcement about the novel I wrote based on my experiences in the ASA during the Korean War. My sole intent is to make these last six available as signed copies for purchase by ASA veterans.

I have only six copies left of my novel STAY SAFE, BUDDY at the discount price of $20 including shipping anywhere in the United States. I don't plan on ordering another 100 copies with my author discount so get it now if you want a signed copy for yourself, a relative or friend. See the ABOUT tab on my website www.jcharlescheek. com for a synopsis, reader reviews and how to order a signed copy from me rather than pay a larger price at or 42 other online bookstores that carry it.
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