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Style Settings
Please complete the following fields, which provide information such as your guestbook's table width, the color of the table and the font face and font size.
Page Background Color
Format - #FFFFFF
Table Width
You may use either exact pixels (recommended: 600) or a percentage (recommended: 95%)
Font Face (e.g., Verdana)
You may use a backup font as well. For example: to use Verdana as your first choice, with Arial as a conditional font for those users that don't have Verdana as a font on their system, you would type "Verdana, Arial")
Link Color
Guestbook link color. Format - #FFFFFF
Text Color
Guestbook text color. Format - #FFFFFF
Text Size 1
The text font size.
Text Size 1
Text Size 2
A smaller value is recommend here ... but depending on your font face, you may want to alter this.
Text Size 2
Table Header Background Color
Format - #FFFFFF
Table Background Color
Format - #FFFFFF
Table Header Strip Text Color
Format - #FFFFFF
First Alternating Table Column Color
Format - #FFFFFF
Second Alternating Table Column Color
Format - #FFFFFF
Date/Time Display Options
This Guestbook can display dates and times in a number of different formats. Remember that the times listed are based on the location of your web server, which may be different than the time zone where you reside/work. You can change the time zone displayed by using the Time Zone Offset field. For instance, if you are on the East Coast of the US, but your server is on the West Coast of the US, you would have to offset the server time to reflect that (by typing a 3 in the Time Zone Offset field, reflecting the 3 hours difference). If the Time Zone difference is negative, use negative number (as in -2).
Server Time Zone Offset
You can offset the time drawn from your web server. For instance, if your server time is EST (US), but you want all time to reflect Pacific Time (US), you would have to offset your server time by placing the time zone difference in this field (for this example, that would be -3. You would place -3 in this field). The default is for there to be no server time zone offset (0).
Date Format
European Format is DD-MM-YR, while US format is MM-DD-YR. Expanded formats include full month name.
US Format (04-17-2000)
Exp. US Format (Monday, April 25, 2000)
European Format (17.04.2000)
Exp. European Format (Monday, 25 April 2000)
Time Format
You can have time displayed in AM/PM format, or in 24-hour format.
Use AM/PM Time Format
User 24-Hour Format Time (eg, 23:15)