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General Options
Below are numerous configuration options for your guestbook.
Maximum Records Displayed Per Page
20 records per page is recommend.
The language file you want to use.
Show Guest's IP or Hostname
For security reasons, you may wish to display the IP or Hostname of the person signing your guestbook. The default is ON.
Show IP or Hostname
Hide IP or Hostname
HTML Codes
If HTML Code is enabled, this means the users can use HTML Code in the comment field.
allow HTML Codes
disable HTML Codes
If you have used email or internet chat, you are likely familiar with the smilie concept. Certain standard emoticons are automatically converted into smilies.
activate Smilies
disable Smilies
AGCode is a variation on the HTML tags you may already be familiar with. Basically, it allows you to add functionality or style to your message that would normally require HTML. You can use AGCode even if HTML is not enabled for the guestbook.
allow AGCodes
disable AGCodes
Field Definitions
Below are numerous configuration options for your guestbook fields.
ICQ Field
The ICQ field is optional. You can also enable or disable it.
use ICQ Field
do not use ICQ Field
AIM Field
AIM means AOL Instant Messenger.
use AIM Field
do not use AIM Field
Gender Field
The gender field is also optional.
use Gender Field
do not use Gender Field
Picture Upload
You can also allow people uploading images to your server. The image width and height can be set here. All images which are bigger will automatically be resized.
allow Picture Upload
disable Picture Upload
Border: X width x height   max. kb
Requires Image Magick or PHP's GD extension
create thumbnails
min. filesize kb
Email Options
Sendmail is installed on most Unix/Linux servers by default. The path to sendmail is stored in the php.ini file.
Webmaster E-mail
Your e-mail address
E-mail notification
Select whether you want to send emails to yourself when someone has signed your guestbook. Note: your email address above must be valid and an email process must be properly configured.
send e-mail to webmaster (private messages)
send e-mail to webmaster
send e-mail to guest
E-mail Notification Message
You can customize the exact wording for the message. Edit the wording in the box to the right.
Miscellaneous Options
Below are numerous configuration options for your Guestbook.
Guestbook Comment
If you want to password-protect the comment feature, set this option to 'Password required'.
Password required
No Password required
Message Length
You can set the minimum and maximum message length here. The max. word length is an option to avoid messages from nice people entering a bunch of characters without spaces. :)
Min. message length
Max. message length
Max. Word length
Censor Option
You may have certain words censored on your Guestbook. Words you choose to censor will be replaced by asterisks. All subjects and messages will be affected. To activate the censor function, check the "yes" button below. To deactivate, press the "no" button. List all censored words in the field to the right.

Please follow the directions on the right for formatting the words correctly.
yes no
Censor Words
Type all words you want censored in the field below. Do not use commas to separate words, put each word on its own line. If you type "dog", all messages containing the string "dog" would be censored (dog, for instance, would appear as "#@*%!").

Flood Check?
You may prevent your users from flooding your Guestbook with posts by activating this feature. By enabling floodcheck, you disallow users from posting within a given time span of their last post. In other words, if you set a floodcheck time span of 60 seconds, a user may not post a note within 60 seconds of his last post.

FloodCheck On FloodCheck Off
FloodCheck Time Span
Set the amount of time in seconds used by FloodCheck to prevent post flooding. Recommended: 60. Type the number of seconds only.
Banned IP?
You may ban any IP numbers from signing your Guestbook. Type in the complete IP number (as in, or use a partial IP number (as in 243.21.31.). The Guestbook will do matches from the beginning of each IP number that you enter. Thus, If you enter a partial IP of 243.21.31., someone attempting to sign who has an IP number of will not be able to sign. Similarly, if you have an IP ban on 243.21., someone signing who has an IP of will not be able to sign. Thus, be careful when you add IPs to your ban list and be as specific as possible. The IP Ban prevents anyone with matching IP number from signing your Guestbook.
yes no
IP Number Ban List:
Put each IP number on its own line.