Here is a photo recap of our ASA-Korea reunion in Tennessee, this past September.  I misplaced my camera for a couple of days there in Pigeon
Forge... and as a result was short of pictures to work with. Therefore I’ve pulled together pictures of our stay in North Carolina, which we did
the very next some pictures taken at several old reunions.  On the back end I’ve included some old time miscellaneous pictures I
want to make sure are kept in digital form for historical purposes. Several years ago when we were hit by a tornado we lost a
large number of
photos to the storm and wished then that we had been more careful to convert them to digital format and let the computer and its back-up system
help us keep them in the family...and in better shape.  You live and learn.  Bottom-line I hope you get a kick out of the pot-pourri of stuff and will
overlook the fact I felt it important to include several soft and fuzzy ones also.  We’re already looking forward to Nashville, next year... and all
the interesting things Rick and Linn will have in store for the troop.

The old pictures of the 352d C/R Company Headquarters in Seoul, are  courtesy of Max Price, who was wise beyond his years when he took the
thought and time to take them.... way back in the dim dark we can enjoy them and better understand the way it used to be.

ASA Korea Member, Ron Bayles
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Note:  Ron has submitted excellent videos to the website following reunions for several years.  Go to the "Reunion Photos" page and enjoy his
videos and the candid shots submitted by others over the years.
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17th Annual Reunion Photos & Video
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